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Now you can quickly and easily enter FlightCrew and  Passenger data; then generate the required manifest files to upload to the new U.S. Customs and Border Patrol eAPIS Online Transmission System website. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act states that two (2) manifests be provided to U.S. Customs on all Inbound, foreign departure flights to the United States; one for crewmembers and one for passengers. And starting October 1, 2002, air carriers must also submit manifests on all Outbound international flights as well.

The INCON Group has made these tasks very easy with a desktop application that accepts "tab-delimited" text files and Microsoft Excel CSV file for Crew and Passenger lists. Many tasks in APIS Manager come with handy drop downs to help and ensure the user enters the correct data. Plus an easy-to-use search button for foreign and domestic airport codes. Some data is even entered automatically for the user. Then when the data is ready to go, APIS Manager validates everything and returns an easy to understand message if any errors or omissions are discovered.

It all starts here when you enter your Airline's Contact Person and Phone Number. The Carrier Name and Code are entered automatically.


The Flight Schedule tab allows the user to enter the basic flight information.


This is the Flight Crew List tab. The user must list each crew member that will be on board the aircraft when it reaches the Arrival City where they will clear Customs. The Crew list may be entered manually by selecting the Add Crew Members menu item (opens the Add/Edit screen) or automatically by selecting the Load Crew List menu item (opens the Import screen).


This is the Passenger List tab. It contains a "read-only" grid of all passengers for a particular flight. The passengers can be added to the Passenger Grid by importing a passenger list through the "Import Grid" (see below) or by adding one passenger at a time using the "Add/Edit Passenger" screen (see below).


This is the Import screen. It allows the user to import a comma delimited text file or an Excel CSV spreadsheet. The user simply selects a column number next to a column name, such as "First Name" that coincides with the First Name column in the "Import Grid" at the bottom of the page. In this case the First Name of the passenger is located in the second column in the Import Grid. The user clicks the Up/Down Control (the control with the Up and Down arrows) to move the number to the number "2" position.


This is the Add/Edit Passenger screen.

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